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Outline Program

Our Istanbul program will include keynote lectures, live surgeries and demonstrations of non-surgical procedures, master classes, controversies and panel discussions, invited presentations and a free communications program.  Our call for abstracts is closed now and submissions are currently under review. Acceptance notifications will be send out probably end of May.

Discover our exciting preliminary scientific program that will cover all areas of aesthetic plastic surgery as well as a two-day non-surgical program:


Program Committee

Congress Chair – Nazim Cerkes, MD (Turkey)
EC & Scientific Program Chair – Ozan Sozer, MD (US)
EC & Scientific Program Vice Chair – Francisco Bravo, MD (Spain)
Non-Surgical Program Chair – Reha Yavuzer, MD (Turkey)
Non-Surgical Program Vice Chair – Tim Papadopoulos, MD (Australia)
Non-Surgical Program Vice Chair – Kai Schlaudraff, MD, FEBOPRAS, FMH (Switzerland)


The 26th ISAPS World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 20/09/2022-24/09/2022 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 36 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.

  Through an agreement between the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes and the American Medical Association, physicians may convert EACCME® credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Information on the process to convert EACCME® credit to AMA credit can be found at

  Live educational activities, occurring outside of Canada, recognised by the UEMS-EACCME® for ECMEC®s are deemed to be Accredited Group Learning Activities (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

September 20, 2022 – 7 credits
September 21, 2022 – 8 credits
September 22, 2022 – 8 credits
September 23, 2022 – 7 credits
September 24, 2022 – 6 credits

Live Surgeries | Sep 20

Will take place at the Hilton Bosphorus Conference Center
Harbiye, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:50, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul
Please come to our Registration Desk there

Andre Auersvald (Brazil)
Short Scar Neck Lift and Surgical Net
Jesus Benito-Ruiz (Spain)
Pectoral Implant for Male Chest Enhancement
Giovanni Botti (Italy)
Secondary Breast Augmentation
Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)

Secondary Rhinoplasty
Olivier Gerbault (France) (Video)
Primary Rhinoplasty using Piezo Electric
Moustapha Hamdi (Belgium)
Augmentation Mastopexy
Andrew Jacono (US)
Deep Plane Face Lift
Timothy Marten (US)
Facelift | Demonstration of High-Volume Micro Fat Grafting, Extended SMAS Dissection, Deep Neck Surgery


Gerald T. O’Daniel (US)
Gliding Perioral Lift
Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Italy)
Secondary Eyelid Surgery
Dirk Richter (Germany) (Video)
Midface Lifting
Enrico Robotti (Italy)
Primary Rhinoplasty
Renato Saltz/Carlos Casagrande (US) (Video)
Face Lifting – Full SMAS Concept
Cemal Senyuva (Turkey)
3D Abdominoplasty
Ozan Sozer (US)

Gliding Periorbital Shaping
Constantin Stan (Romania) (Video)
Reha Yavuzer (Turkey)

Composite Breast Augmentation
Ricardo Ventura (Dom. Rep.)
3D Lipodefinition Body Contour | Female

Sculpture Course | Sep 20


Look forward to the following Hot Topics:

  • Advanced Lip Lifts
  • Advanced Techniques in Brow Lifts
  • Body Filler Applications
  • Current Trends in Breast Augmentation
  • Deep Neck Surgery
  • Face Rejuvenation and Volumization with Fillers
  • Face Rejuvenation with Energy-Based Devices (Lasers etc.)
  • Fat Reduction with Energy-Based Devices and Lipolysis Techniques
  • HD Abdominoplasty
  • HD Liposuction
  • Hemostatic Surgical Net
  • Implant Buttock Augmentation
  • Internal Brassiere Breast Surgery
  • ISAPS Business School
  • Nano Fat Rejuvenation
  • Preservation Rhinoplasty
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative Surgery
  • Skin Care
  • Skin Tightening with Energy-Based Devices
  • Thread Lifts
  • Toxin Applications
  • Updates on Breast Implant Illness

Please come to our Registration Desk at the Hilton Bosphorus Conference Center
Harbiye, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:50, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul

Extend your knowledge of nose anatomy through drawing and sculpture, with Turkish plastic surgeon and artist, Dr. Baris Cakir

Want to get hands on? Participate in this 6-hour sculpture workshop on September 20, 2022, created by Turkish Plastic Surgeon and artist Dr. Baris Cakir.
This hands-on workshop is composed of two parts:
In the first three hours, Dr. Cakir will teach you how to draw noses through nasal photography. Drawing is fundamental to understanding the anatomy and form of the nose. In the next step, you will examine the importance of the nasal skeleton for surface aesthetics.
In the second part of the workshop, you will receive clay to sculpt a perfect nose. You will then “remove the skin” to create the nose cartilage anatomy – the best way to understand anatomy is by touching and feeling it! 
This workshop is learning in 3D at its best!

Your host:
ISAPS member Dr. Baris Cakir is an internationally renowned aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon based in Istanbul. After his medical education, he became interested in sculpture and art history. He studied sculpture in Isparta Süleyman Demirel University Fine Arts Department and is still continuing his art education today.

Keynote Speakers

Al Aly (US)
Alberto Arguello (Costa Rica)
Andre Auersvald (Brazil)
Baris Cakir (Turkey)
Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)
Gregory Evans (US)
Bahman Guyuron (US)
Moustapha Hamdi (Belgium)
Andrew Jacono (US)
Timothy Marten (US)
Patricia McGuire (US)
Bryan Mendelson (Australia)
Tim Papadopoulos (Australia)
Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Italy)
Francois Petit (France)
Charles Randquist (Sweden)
Kai Schlaudraff (Switzerland)
Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
Lina Triana (Colombia)
Ivar van Heijningen (Belgium)
Ricardo Ventura Herrera (Dominican Republic)

Master Classes

William Austen
Andre Auersvald
André Borsche
Giovanni Botti
Baris Cakir
Gabriela Casabona
Carlos Casagrande
Nazim Cerkes
Mustafa Cukurluoglu
Stefan Danilla
Olivier Gerbault
Ashkan Ghavami
Abdulkadir Goksel
Francisco Gomez Bravo
Ruth Graf
James Grotting
Wolfgang Gubisch
Bahman Guyuron
Moustapha Hamdi
Per Heden
Mark Jewell
Chia Chi Kao

Vakis Kontoes
Ismail Kucuker
Patrick Mallucci
Timothy Marten
Bryan Mendelson
Foad Nahai
Gerald O’Daniel
Mario Pelle Ceravolo
Carlos Roxo
Adam Rubinstein
Ahmad Saad
Renato Saltz
Ilhan Serdarogluy
Horia Siclovan
Ozan Sozer
Constantin Stan
Birgit Stark
Luiz Toledo
Patrick Tonnard
Ricardo Ventura Herrea
Alexis Verpaele
Yoram Wolf
Karen Zupko

Meet the Expert

Sophia Asiu Schechtel
Pier Luigi Canta
Niamh Corduff
Dennis Hurwitz
Mary Jewell
Brian Kinney
Marcelo Maino
Peter Peng
Roxanna Sadoughifar
Renato Saltz
Luis Vasconez
Reha Yavuzer

Provisional Faculty (as of April 21)

Gustavo Abrile (Argentina)
Aly Abulhassan (Egypt)
Hussein Abulhassan (Egypt)
Kapil Agrawal (India)
Fernando Aguilar-Maytorena (Mexico)
Samira Ajmal (Saudi Arabia)
Sheikhan Al Hashmi (Oman)
Amer Al Mansory (Iraq)
Wael Albarazi (Syrian Arab Republic)
Celso Aldana (Paraguay)
Abdulrahman Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
Mohammed Alghoul (Jordan)
Sixtus Allert (Germany)
Ilia Almazov (Russia)
Gary Alter (United States)
Al Aly (United States)
Katarina Andjelkov (Serbia)
Jaime Anger (Brazil)
Jacqueline Aragon (Mexico)
Marcelo Araujo (Brazil)
Alberto Arguello (Costa Rica)
Pablo Arizti (Mexico)
Carmen Arjona Castro (Mexico)
Arline Arroyo (Mexico)
Kamran As’Adi (Iran)
Sophia Asiu Schechtel (Argentina)
Alexander Aslani (Spain)
Paul Audi (Lebanon)
Andre Auersvald (Brazil)
William Austen (United States)

Alberto Bardales (Peru)
Maria Luz Bastardas (Argentina)
Dmitry Batiukov (Belarus)
Mehmet Bayramicli (Turkey)
Jesús Benito-Ruiz (Spain)
Richard Bensimon (United States)
Catherine Bergeret-Galley (France)
Giovanni Betti (Mexico)
Ozan Bitik (Turkey)
André Borsche (Germany)
Gonzalo Bosch (Uruguay)
Chiara Botti (Italy)
Giovanni Botti (Italy)
Francisco Bravo (Spain)
Omer Buhsem (Turkey)
Pichansak Bunmas (Thailand)

Baris Cakir (Turkey)
Augusto Camara Valente (Brazil)
Gianluca Campiglio (Italy)
Alvaro Cansancao (Brazil)
Pier Luigi Canta (Italy)
Geraldo Capuchinho (Brazil)
Laura Carmina Cardenas Malta (Mexico)
Gabriela Casabona (Spain)
Naveen Cavale (United Kingdom)
C. Cedidi (Germany)
Naci Celik (Turkey)
Patricio Centurion (Peru)
Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)
Abel Chajchir (Argentina)
Marcelo Cheffe (Brazil)
Chien-Tzung Chen (Taiwan)
Kyu Jin Choi (South Korea)
Athanasios Christopoulos (Greece)
Steven Cohen (United States)
Niamh Corduff (Australia)
Grady Core (United States)
Ricardo Coronel Gagliardi (Paraguay)
Fabian Cortinas (Argentina)
António Costa-Ferreira (Portugal)
Daniel Costanzo (Paraguay)
Mustafa Cukurluoglu (Turkey)
Marco Tulio Cunha (Brazil)

Cinara Da Rosa (Brazil)
Stefan Danilla (Chile)
Ashish Davalbhakta (India)
Javier De Benito (Spain)
Isabel De Benito (Spain)
Jose De La Pena Salcedo (Mexico)
Jose Delgado (Spain)
Henry Delmar (France)
Cenk Demirdöver (Turkey)
Mert Demirel (Turkey)
Sirlei Dos Santos Costa (Brazil)
Getúlio Duarte (Brazil)
Jose Duran (Argentina)
Cetin Duygu (Turkey)

Felmont Eaves (United States)
Hisham El Minawi (Egypt)
Fayez El-Deeb (Egypt)
Joao Erfon A. Ramos (Brazil)
O. Erhan Eryilmaz (Turkey)
Alex Eulufi (Chile)
Gregory Evans (United States)

A Shaheed Fadhul (Bahrain)
Marco Faria Correa (Singapore)
Dominik Feinendegen (Switzerland)
Julio Fernandes (Brazil)
Tiago Fernandes (Portugal)
André Ferrao Vargas (Brazil)
Joachim von Finckenstein (Germany)
Montserrat Fontbona (Chile)
Andres Freschi (Argentina)
Nimrod Friedman (Israel)

Svetlana Gagarina (Russia)
Hassan Galadari (United Arab Emirates)
Rachel Garcia (Brazil)
Andre Cervantes Garcia Rodrigues (Brazil)
Sebastien Garson (France)
Rajesh Gawai (Bahrain)
Reha Gencosmanoglu (Turkey)
Olivier Gerbault (France)
Ashkan Ghavami (United States)
Claudio Ghilardi (Argentina)
Alexander Glushko (Russia)
Rogerio Gomes (Brazil)
Eduardo Gongora (Mexico)
Raul Gonzalez (Brazil)
Ruth Graf (Brazil)
James Grotting (United States)
Wolfgang Gubisch (Germany)
Huseyin Güner (Turkey)
Raffi Gürünlüoğlu (United States)
Patricia Gutierrez-Ontalvilla (Spain)
Bahman Guyuron (United States)

Sebastian Haack (Germany)
Farhad Hafezi (Iran)
Farid Hakme (Brazil)
Moustapha Hamdi (Belgium)
Andrea Hasbun (Chile)
Fuad Hashem (Saudi Arabia)
Per Heden (Sweden)
Benoit Hendrickx (Belgium)
Jesús Herrera Pacheco (Mexico)
Mohammadhossein Hesamirostami (Iran)
Haideh Hirmand (United States)
Ricardo Hoogstra (Argentina)
Armen Hovhannissyan (Armenia)
Alfredo Hoyos Ariza (Colombia)
Brianda Hurtado De Mendoza (Spain)
Dennis Hurwitz (United States)

Fatih Irmak (Turkey)

Andrew Jacono (United States)
Mark Jewell (United States)
Mary Jewell (United States)
Dana Mihaela Jianu (Romania)
Gustavo Jimenez Muñoz Ledo (Mexico)
Jamal Jomah (United Arab Emirates)

Karishma Kagodu (India)
Amin Kalaaji (Norway)
Daniel Kalbermatten (Switzerland)
Haldun Kamburoglu (Turkey)
Lars Kamolz (Austria)
Chia Chi Kao (United States)
Katja Kassem-Trautmann (Switzerland)
Kai Kaye (Spain)
Evangelos Keramidas (Greece)
Manoj Khanna (India)
Khalil Khatri (United States)
Kamran Khoobehi (United States)
Irina Khrustaleva (Russia)
Brian Kinney (United States)
Kidakorn Kiranantawat (Thailand)
Julio Kirschbaum (Peru)
Heike Klepetko (Austria)
Marco Klinger (Italy)
Marcelo Kolling (Brazil)
Paraskevas Kontoes (Greece)
Bouraoui Kotti (Tunisia)
Reinaldo Kube Leon (Venezuela)
Lokesh Kumar (India)
Sanguan Kunaporn (Thailand)
Ismail Kuran (Turkey)
Alexander Kutubidze (Georgia)
Rafic Kuzbari (Austria)

Abdul-Reda Lari (Kuwait)
Beatriz Lassance (Brazil)
Myung Ju Lee (South Korea)
Cynthia Legorreta Chew (Mexico)
Nelson Letizio (Brazil)
Bernadett Levay (Hungary)
Jose Eduardo Lintz (Brazil)
Konstantin Lipski (Russia)
Cristobal Longton (Chile)
Diana Patricia Lopez Garcia (Mexico)
Cesar Lopez Romero (Mexico)

Corey Maas (United States)
Marcelo Maino (Brazil)
Patrick Mallucci (United Kingdom)
Maria Emilia Mancebo Grab (Argentina)
Apostolos Mandrekas (Greece)
Lucila Mangas (Argentina)
Marc Mani (United States)
Mehmet Manisali (United Kingdom)
Raúl Manzaneda Cipriani (Peru)
Marisa Manzano Surroca (Spain)
Vladimir Marik (Czech Republic)
Irina Marinicheva (Russia)
Timothy Marten (United States)
John Martin (United States)
Rogelio Martínez Wagner (Mexico)
Maria Martins (Brazil)
Alan Matarasso (United States)
Andre Mattos (Brazil)
Horacio Mayer (Argentina)
Patricia McGuire (United States)
Juan Mejia (Colombia)
Dmitry Melnikov (Russia)
Bryan Mendelson (Australia)
Constantino Mendieta (United States)
Mauricio Mendieta (Nicaragua)
Lennert Minelli (Australia)
Antonio Carlos Minuzzi Filho (Brazil)
Guilherme Miranda De Freitas (Brazil)
Arnaldo Miro (Brazil)
Iris Mortagua Brito (Portugal)
Wafaa Mradmi (Morocco)
Alexandre Munhoz (Brazil)
Arturo Munoz Meza (Mexico)
Rodrigo Munro-Wilson (Mexico)
Gabriele Muti (Italy)

Foad Nahai (United States)
Alejandro Najar Mendez (Mexico)
Douglas Narvaez Riera (Venezuela)
Patricia Neves (Brazil)
Igor Niechajev (Sweden)
Nora Nugent (United Kingdom)

T. Gerald O’Daniel (United States)
Dan Mon O’Dey (Germany)
Bianca Ohana (Brazil)
Fethi Orak (Turkey)
Selahattin Ozmen (Turkey)

Kamol Pansritum (Thailand)
Tim Papadopoulos (Australia)
Jose Parreira (Portugal)
Gennadiy Patlazhan (Ukraine)
Malcolm Paul (United States)
Pat Pazmino (United States)
Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Italy)

Peter Peng (Taiwan)
Fabian Perez Rivera (Argentina)
Wayne Perron (Canada)
Francois Petit (France)
Debra Phairas (United States)
Maria Cristina Picon (Argentina)
Volney Pitombo (Brazil)
Gisela Pontes (Brazil)
Kirill Pshenisnov (Russia)
Lee Pu (United States)

Pierre Quinodoz (Switzerland)

Akhmed Rakhimov (Russia)
Arturo Ramirez-Montanana (Mexico)
Babis Rammos (United States)
Charles Randquist (Sweden)
Thomas Rappl (Austria)
Herve Raspaldo (Switzerland)
Majid Rasti (Iran)
Matthias Reichenberger (Germany)
Ricardo Ribeiro (Brazil)
Ronaldo Righesso (Brazil)
Enrico Robotti (Italy)
Stavroula (Villy) Rodopoulou (Greece)
Carlos Roxo (Brazil)
Adam Rubinstein (United States)
Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder (Austria)
Min-Hee Ryu (China)

Sami Saad (Lebanon)
Ahmad Saad (Spain)
Yves Saban (France)
Roxanna Sadoughifar (Iran)
Renato Saltz (United States)
Ana Santamaria Robredo (Spain)
Francisco Gerardo Sauceda Mireles (Mexico)
Jeffrey Schiller (United States)
Kai Schlaudraff (Switzerland)
Maria Schneider (Argentina)
Gabriela Schwartzmann (Brazil)
Peter Scott (South Africa)
Cemal Tg Senyuva (Turkey)
Iihan Serdaroglu (Turkey)
Juan Seren (Argentina)
Marcos Paulo Sforza De Almeida (Brazil)
Valentin Sharobaro (Russia)
Olga Shkolnaya (Ukraine)
Jay Shorr (United States)
Horia Siclovan (Romania)
Ewa Siolo (South Africa)
Viviana Sprohnle (Chile)
Constantin Stan (Romania)
Birgit Stark (Sweden)
Niveo Steffen (Brazil)
H. P. Jeroen Stevens (Netherlands)
Ithamar Stocchero (Brazil)
Insuck Suh (South Korea)
Man-Koon Suh (South Korea)
Marlen Sulamanidze (Georgia)
George Sulamanidze (Georgia)
Taslima Sultana (Bangladesh)

Rieka Taghizadeh (United Kingdom)
Susumu Takayanagi (Japan)
Suleyman Tas (Turkey)
Thomas Terranova (United States)
Alison Thornberry (United Kingdom)
Tunc Tiryaki (Turkey)
Oleh Tkach (Ukraine)
Luiz Toledo (United Arab Emirates)
Patrick Tonnard (Belgium)
Bertha Torres Gomez (Mexico)
Ali Totonchi (United States)
Mathias Tremp (Switzerland)
Lina Triana (Colombia)
Su-Ben Tsao (Taiwan)
Smilja Tudjarova Gjorgova (North Macedonia)
Edvin Turkof (Austria)

Carlos Uebel (Brazil)

Alfonso Vallarta (Mexico)
Berend Van Der Lei (Netherlands)
Ivar Van Heijningen (Belgium)
Joan Vandeputte (Belgium)
German Vargas (Guatemala)
Luis Vasconez (United States)
Viacheslav Vasilyev (Russia)
Ricardo Vega (Mexico)
P.J. Velthuis (Netherlands)
Aniketh Venkataram (India)
Evelin Veras Castillo (Mexico)
Alexis Verpaele (Belgium)
Maurício Viaro (Brazil)
Argentina Vidrascu (Romania)
Saulius Viksraitis (Lithuania)
Fausto Viterbo (Brazil)

Jennifer Walden (United States)
Richard Warren (Canada)
Capi Wever (Netherlands)
Maria Wiedner (Germany)
Ted Wojno (United States)
Chin Ho Wong (Singapore)

Hiroko Yanaga (Japan)
Reha Yavuzer (Turkey)
Matthew Yeo (Singapore)
Osman Yucel (Turkey)

Bohumil Zalesak (Czech Republic)
Maria Teresa Zambrana Rojas (Bolivia)
Vitaly Zholtikov (Russia)
Claudia Zuñiga Teppa (Argentina)

Saturday, September 11, 2021

  • Breast Augmentation – A Journey from Fake to Natural – I and II
  • Non or Minimally Invasive – What Really Works
  • How the Hemostatic Net Revolutionizes Face-Lift Surgery
  • Full Day Live Surgeries | SOS Symposium
  • Transgender Surgery: Staging the Procedures
  • Baldness: STRIPO, FUE, PRP or What?
  • Hybrid Breast Augmentation: Creating or Solving Problems?
  • Regenerative Medicine: Turning Back the Clock of Aging
  • ISAPS Business School and Marketing: Teamwork and Social Media

Sunday, September 12, 2021

  • Live Marking Session – High Definition Body Contouring
  • High Definition Liposuction – Achieving a Fitness Look
  • Injectables and Complications – When Waiting is Not Enough
  • Malar Bags, Festoons & Co….. 
  • Mastering the Neck Lifts – How to Achieve Unbelievable Results
  • Secondary Breast Surgery – Pull the Chestnuts out of the Fire
  • Deformities and Complications after Body Contouring – How Masters Deal with It
  • Eye Lid Malpositions & Other Periorbital Issues – What, When & Why
  • Revision Face Lifts: How the Giants Deal with Deformities, Filler, Fat, Threads and Other Complications
  • Secondary Rhinoplasties: What the Nose Popes Do
  • Post Bariatric Breast Surgery: Dealing with Bottoming Out or Waterfall?
  • How to Approach Difficult Breast Cases
  • Brow Lifts Today: Is There Still a Place? Oh yes!
  • Updates on Breast Implant Illness and BIA-ALCL – Myths and Science
  • Global Accreditation and Patient Safety

Monday, September 13, 2021

  • Breast Reduction + Mastopexy: Never Trust the Skin!
  • Refinements in Body Contouring
  • Buttock Augmentation – Implants, Fat + Hybrid 
  • Rhinoplasty: Tip Modifications and More
  • Evolving Concepts in Periorbital Rejuvenation
  • Hemostatic Surgical Net and Advanced Facial Rejuvenation
  • Pearls in Rhinoplasty
  • Preservation vs. Structural Rhinoplasty
  • Meet the Professor Sessions
  • Free Paper Sessions
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