The Top 6 traditional coffee houses in Vienna

You can get coffee everywhere nowadays. But real Viennese coffee house culture can only be found in Vienna. It’s about more than coffee – it’s about an attitude towards life. Let’s dive into the old Viennese world of Melange, Buchteln and living history.


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Viennese coffee house culture: sometimes in company, sometimes alone, never too many changes and always a really good coffee and a delicious pastry at a marble-topped table. This is where the Viennese can still be Viennese, and guests can dive into that unadulterated Viennese attitude towards life for a couple of hours.

Sometimes, the Viennese are right to shun change. In an age when everything is moving faster and faster, it’s good to find a few things that endure and never change. Vienna’s coffee houses among them. UNESCO takes the same view and added Viennese coffee house culture to its list of intangible cultural heritage in 2011.

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